Non-woven hot rolling machine
  • Product Name: Non-woven hot rolling machine
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    • Non-woven hot rolling machine
    • Non-woven hot rolling machine
    • Non-woven hot rolling machine
    • Non-woven hot rolling machine
Product Details

Suitable for PET, PP, melt spinning, no fiber non-woven heating bonding

Technical data
1. Adopt best quality alloy stainless steel
2. Independent heating system
3. One machine one roller driving or one machine two rollers
4. Roller bearing, equip lubrication cooling station
5. Steel plate, fine machined by heat treatment
6. Max working width: 5400mm
7. Max nip pressure: 120kg/cm²
8. Cross central height compensation
9. Newest bend central height compensation
10. Solve the problem by special method (project) according to the special requirements of users.

We are brave to create new era non woven fabric. We are willing to develop advanced equipment under your support!

Hydraulic top and bottom bending uniform calendaring machine

Hydraulic bottom roller uniform calendaring roller (and S roller)

With world’s synchronization is the pursuit of GY!

Top one sale national-wide for hot rolling machine; Three roller calendaring machine; Two roller, three roller and multi-layer combination assembly; Necessary machinery for non woven fabric hot rolling machine.

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