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Used in surface embossing of plastic sheet, fiber product, garment material and paper product, etc.

The technology of mirror rollers are from US 3M company and we gain capacious market by such technology!
1. Introducing the original finishing and polishing facilities from US 3M Company, with the highest finish of Ra0.01um (Grade XIV), being the highest grade mirror roller processing equipment in China;
2. Capable of processing on the mirror surfaces of various materials, to ensure that the flatness, balance, un-roundness and shaft alignment reach the requirements;
3. Capable of manufacturing 3,000 mirror rollers of various specifications annually, with the largest specification of φ1, 600 x10, 000;
4. Widely used for the surface embossing in the fields of leather, leatheroid,plastic, sheet, paper, non-woven cloth, decorative materials, non-ferrous metal, PVC, ABS, PP, PE, PT, PC and various plastics and garment materials;
5. The materials all use 45# seamless steel pipes and alloy steel, which are formed after heating treatment and mechanical processing;
6. Its center is installed with channel or jacket, so that its temperature difference of cooling or heating will not surpass ±1 degree centigrade.
7. The surface hardness is HRC55~58;
8. The hardness of chromeplate after polishing is HRC62. The thermal deformation is not greater than 0.01 mm.

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