Metal Embossing Machine
  • Product Name: Metal Embossing Machine
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    • Metal Embossing Machine
    • Metal Embossing Machine
    • Metal Embossing Machine
    • Metal Embossing Machine
Product Details

Surface embossing for various metal material, aluminum metal embosser is also one kind of Metal embossing machine.

The special machine used for the embossing of non-ferrous metal and decoration materials like garage gates, safe doors, and color steel plates.
More than 20 kinds of pattern: Bark, Wood, stucco and geometric pattern, etc.
The product has a guarantee period of two years or rolling of 6,000MT panels, and whole-life maintenance.
Special size or usage can be realized according to the requirements of user.

Max line speed 30m/min.
Special requirements can be reached.
High speed embossing machine, high speed coil and uncoil machine your requirements can be reached.

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