Hot Roller/Thermo-calender Roller
  • Product Name: Hot Roller/Thermo-calender Roller
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    • Hot Roller/Thermo-calender Roller
    • Hot Roller/Thermo-calender Roller
    • Hot Roller/Thermo-calender Roller
    • Hot Roller/Thermo-calender Roller
Product Details

Used for surface embossing and calendering of fiber material (non woven, textile), plastic ,leather, etc.

Non woven Fabric Hot Roller

Different requirements, different material, different production

Way of heating: Peripheral drilling heating: Deep uniform hole will be made on the peripheral edge of the roller, this will make the conducting oil move cyclely in the deep holes to insure the little temperature difference (<1ºC) and high thermal efficiency.

Pattern: To the user's requirements, we can make many patterns, such as square dot, circle dot, diamond, cross, striation and any regular and irregular patterns.

Our hot roller has been ever for west germany and taiwan hot rolling machine and we have ever made the largest asian hot roller (φ720x5400mm).

Laser cutting machine for thermo-calender roller promotes the rollers' quality. Engraved after quenching, the hardness layer is more than 5mm. Synchronized quality to the European thermo-calender rollers.

Our professional calendering roller for hot roller, chemical fiber, paper like products, can hold a candle with Euro-America products!

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