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Suitable for fall membrane products of all kinds of plastic products such as PVC, etc.

The assembling is a kind of film extension equipment; it can either for multi-layer co-extrusion or flow combination. It is made up of extrusion machine, flow extension head, profile machine, waste callback device and coiling machine.

It adopts flow extension techniques to melt the resin which is mixed with polyethylene and economic plastic mixture to the mold head and the flow is squeezed by the impinged embossing roller and rubber roller, and the final products are got by the sudden cooling of the melted film.

The main machine can wave around, mould head is special for film extrusion, embossing pattern can be designed and coiling is made by friction.

The products of our machine are widely used in garment sheath, bed spread, chair cover, diapers and medical operation-used fabric.

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