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Metal Embossing Machine

View: 365010/17/2017

Metal Embossing Machine


Surface embossing for various metal material.


1) The special machine used for the embossing of non-ferrous metal and decoration materials like garage gates, safe doors, and color steel plates.


2) More than 20 kinds of pattern: bark,wood,stucco and geometric pattern,etc.


3) Special size or usage can be realized according to the requirements of user.


We focus on technical perfect and we serve for perfect!


Specification Line Speed Power
ZGJ400x850 0~12m/min 5.5KW
ZGJ400x1100 0~12m/min 5.5KW
ZGJ400x1250 0~12m/min 7.5KW
ZGJ400x1600 0~12m/min 7.5KW
ZGJ400x1800 0~12m/min 11.0KW


High speed embossing machine, high speed coil&uncoil machine your requirements can be reached.