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Hot roller / thermo-calender roller

View: 135410/09/2017

material of hot roller / thermo-calender roller;(38GrMoAl,42GrMo,60GrMo,9Gr2Mo),Best quality alloy steel(38GrMoAl,42GrMo,60GrMo,9Gr2Mo)as material, molding after mechanical machining and heat treatment.Surface hardness HRC58~62.Way of heating:Central hollow inner pipe screw heating.Roller Center will install hollow screw inner pipe or sprayer inner pipe to make the conducting oil move directionally (or sprayer), which will realize heating and the temperature difference is less or equal to 1.5℃.Peripheral drilling heating:Deep uniform hole will be made on the Peripheral edge of the roller; this will make the conducting oil move cyclely in the deep holes to insure the little temperature difference(<1℃) and high thermal efficiency.To the user’s requirements, we can make many patterns, such as square dot, circle dot, diamond, cross, striation, and any regular & irregular patterns.Our hot roller has been ever for West Germany and Taiwan Hot rolling machine; and we have ever made the largest Asian hot roller (φ720x 5400mm).Laser cutting machine for thermo-calender roller promotes the rollers' quality.

  •   The depth reaching more than 5mm of hard layer processed after quenching is much better than the nitrided layer 0.4~0.5mm from old techniques.
  •  There is no damage when welding residue and knives.
  • Embossing dot wont grow big, and depth wont be changed by long use.
  • More advantages:
    a) Accurate pattern
    b) Choosing patterns, depth, and angle according to your requirements7) Synchronized quality to the European thermo-calender rollers.Our quality tests great and our service prove more dependent-able.