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Institute of HTC Guangyu embossing roller hand deep textile machinery industry

View: 134409/25/2017

Yesterday (October 28th), Changzhou City, Wujin Guangyu embossing roller machinery Co. Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hondar Research Institute Co. Ltd., the two sides will make full use of their respective advantages, to achieve effective docking technology and production of textile machinery, create excellent cost-effective and good product quality.
Hongda Research Institute is the domestic first-class brand of spunbonded equipment industry enterprises, bears China textile machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. technology research, strategic, long-term, independent brands, the core technology is catching up with the world level. Guangyu embossing roller Spunbonded Production Line in parts of a manufacturing experience of nearly twenty years, is the flower roller machinery manufacturing enterprises China embossing roller and rolling machinery sales leader.
At present, the industrial non-woven business is still maintained two digit growth rate, in the future for a period of time, spunbond, spinning composite non-woven fabric is still the mainstream of the market. The two sides signed a cooperation agreement, aimed at deep cooperation, to better improve the reliability of spinning sets of equipment and production efficiency, and consolidate the competitive advantages of existing products.